I might be a little biased..

but my kid is pretty cute in all her little cowgirl-ness. Adi has rodeo running through her veins so when we moved to Alabama, we found a barn that offers riding lessons since, you know kids don't listen to their parents but will listen to a teacher, and we found Mikhayla. They have the most kind and gentle horses and Adi had so much fun learning from her.

When we decided to move back to Georgia, I reached out and asked if we could do some photos for our little miss to commemorate her time at their barn and she said heck yes, can you do some of me with my horses? Coming from a horse background, but never really getting the opportunity to photograph them, I jumped at it and Y'ALL equestrian photographers.. I bow down to you. These aren't simple.

Getting these little boogers to look at you AND have their ears perked? It's a chore.

We did have some cute little visitors that were curious as to what the heck was going on, but it didn't last. We had a couple horses take off and play a very impressive game of 'Catch Me if You Can', a rowdy guy trying to eat my kid's hat, and we found out that using YouTube to play horse sounds definitely works to get their attention.

I swear, if COVID totally crashes the wedding industry, I might dive straight into equine photography (only half kidding on that one)